Tuesday, 12 February 2013

What I would do if I was put in charge of the UK.

What I would do if I was put in charge of the UK.

1: Stop sending aid to countries that used to be part of the British Empire.
2: Move the UK government to a more central location, such as Darlington.
3: Regional governments divided into Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, North England, South England.
4: Decentralise governmental responsibilities.
   4a: UK government would be responsible for issues relating to the whole UK (Note 1).
   4b: Regional governments' responsibilities would cover everything within their region not covered by the UK government (Note 2).
   4c: Local governments (counsils) would be responsible for anything specific to their local area (note 3).
5: Immigration applications will only be approved for applicants who have a professional/academic qualification, and proven competence in the English language, both oral and written.
6: Flat percentage income tax for everyone.
7: No inheritance tax (death duties), no stamp duty
8: Re-nationalise public transport.
9: Every new home must have solar pannels.
10: Two levels of human rights (Standard and Basic). Criminals serving sentences would have basic human rights.
11: Temporary indentured service for non-violent crimes.
12: Whole-life prison sentences for murder, the only possible sentence.

Note 1, UK Gov Responsibilities:
 - Education
 - NHS
 - Law
 - Military
 - Major transport - Railways, motorways and 'A' roads
 - Customs & border control - Airports, Seaports
 - Foreign relations

Note 2, Regional Gov Responsibilities include:
 - Minor transport - minor roads, public transport
 - public institutions of national importance

Note 3, Local Gov Responsibilities include:
 - Rubbish & recycling
 - public facilities/institutions of local importance
 - monuments
 - festivals

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  1. Intriguing, but I don't know that you've thought through the consequences of these deceptively appealing solutions.

    Why #1? Seems like a great way to destroy whatever goodwill is left after the messy collapse of the empire. Not to mention pretty spiteful and a great way to shoot yourself in the head, foreign policy-wise. Imagine what a rival world nation could do with you if this policy was set in stone.

    Why the need for #2? It's not like the UK is all that big.

    Why stick to silly historical boundaries like #3 if you're going to create new regional boundaries?

    What purpose does "Regional Gov" serve in your framework? Its duties could be divided into national & local; including "regional" in #4 simply adds more clutter and waste to the government.

    #5 sounds quite problematic if you wanted to remain part of the EU. You also don't explain which dialect of English would count as "proper" English. I pick one you don't speak. Now what?
    Too, where are you getting your cheap labor? Or are you planning to bring in cheap labor but deny them 'standard' human rights and the possibility for citizenship? Did you forget that the Empire used to do that, and it was one of the core reasons why the Empire collapsed so dramatically? Re: India, Egypt, and how they don't like you still.

    #6 and #7 would result in progressively greater wealth inequality and greater class divides. Is that intentional?

    What's the purpose of a well-run and cost-efficient public transportation system like in #8 if you're going to destroy your middle class via #6 and #7?

    #10 sounds like a great way to create perfectly legal regimes of human rights abuses, particularly in combination with 6, 7, 11 and 12. You're welcome to google "Jim Crow" if you don't believe this is possible.