Sunday, 22 November 2009

Angron up to 22/11/2009

I have been working a 40K scale model of Angron, the Daemon Primarch of The World Eaters Legion, as he currently is in the background, as I envision him.

I started the model by getting a 1/6 scale Italian Paratrooper action figure as they are the right height for him. There is one big problem with these figures, they have no muscles. So, once deciding on a pose I had to fill in the joints and sculpt on the muscles myself. Below are some step-by-step images of my progress so far.

The 'catalogue' pose I decided upon, with Tau fire warrior for size comparison.

Filled in the joints and gave him a mask, which I have now removed.

Started adding the framework for his wings and tail. Fleshing out the leg muscles.

Legs done, started work on the abdomen and chest.

Added his horns and smoothed off his head before working on a helmet.

Wings now taking shape. I used strips of tin foil to create the wing membranes.

Defined the stomach and chest muscles a little more and started work on the right arm.

The axe I made to begin with wasn't big enough so I made a giant double-bladed chainaxe.

Started work on the helmet and armour.

Showing the wings in all their glory.

Changed the armour at the elbow and a little more work on the helmet.

Added sandals, getting bits of dead marine stuck between your toes is so annoying.

Pictures of the head before I removed the mask.

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