Thursday, 26 November 2009

Drake Battle Tank, Mk.I

Yet another project to go along with the codex I have been writing. One of the problems with the original Squats was that there was an aspect of their character, among many, completely missing from their 40K version, their big vehicles. With the level of vehicles now in 40K, such as the Necron Monolith, it is more than possible to have big vehicles. I created the Drake Battle Tank to demonstrate this aspect of their character.

The tank has one twin-linked main gun fired by the crew, and four secondary weapons fired by an automated fire system. Th armour on the front and sides is 14, and the rear is 13. I tried a few designs for the tank. Below is the first design I built up.

As you can see I had thought that having a weapon that could be used for anti-aircraft fire would add an extra level of usefulness and uniqueness to the tank. The problem was that the background for the Squats says that they only have 2 forms of AA defence. The Thunderfire AA Gun is the secondary anti-aircraft defence for the Squats, the primary defence is the awesome Overlord Armoured Airship. I changed the AA turret for a 'standard' turret design, still with the double weapons though.

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