Sunday, 6 December 2009

Codex: Demiurg Warhost - Engineers

The technical skill that the Demiurg seem to have an instinct for is an interesting part of their character. The Demiurg are descended from pioneers who had to survive on their own for millennia on their own, making everything they had from what few resources were available. During their isolation, to maintain their technical knowledge, Engineers Guilds were formed. These Guilds were independent on the Leagues. The Guilds were vital. Knowledge was so valuable that any technologies lost during conflicts between the Leagues would deal them a terrible blow. The Guilds kept the knowledge and spread throughout all the Holds.

I have just gone through the Engineers section again. Before I had two levels, Guild Master and Guild Lord. They have a higher BS than normal warriors and a special rule called Artillery Specialist. This means that when they join a support weapon crew they use their higher BS when scattering blast markers. Guild Lords could also ride a trike.

I changed this to remove the Guild Lord, moved up the Guild Master and changed the lower rank to Guild Engineer. I have changed the Artillery Specialist rule to Specialism. The Specialism rule allows you to choose one of three specialisms; Artillery Specialist, Bike Specialist, Vehicle Specialist.

Artillery Specialist is the same as the original rule, Bike Specialist equips the engineer with a trike and Vehicle Specialist equips the engineer with a servo arm that allows them to repair immobilised results on Demiurg vehicles.

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