Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Codex: Demiurg Warhost - 17/03/10

This update is a bit more substantial. I've expanded the role the Kroot play in Demiurg armies. I've added a several units from the kroot merc list into the codex including a master shaper to HQ, Headhunter kindred to elites(can spit venom), a stalker kindred to troops(small unit with hunting rifles that count as sniper rifles), a hunter kindred to fast attack that can be mounted on knarlocs to make them cavalry, and I have also added a Krootox Herd to heavy support.

As well as adding the units I have pit in a BG page for them how how they relate to the Demiurg, although this needs expanding.

There are a few sections that need redone; specifically the page that shows their relation to the other armies. I will be redoing this to show different trade and diplomatic levels for each 'faction'. I also need to rewrite the page before the army list to touch on all the different kinds of units that are now in the codex.

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