Monday, 1 March 2010

Demiurg Air Support

I've been working on the air support for my Demiurg army. Below are a few pictures of the Iron Hawk reconnaissance gyrocopter and the Iron Eagle gunship.

The Iron Hawk is made from the Grymn Attack Craft that Kev White has been working on. As you can see I have replaced the jets on the attack craft with the smaller lift fans from Evil Mushroom and added one of the Hasslefree Dual Miniguns.

The Iron Eagle is simply a converted Valkyrie from Games Workshop. I shortened the tail, cut the back of the crew compartment down and sealed what was left of the ramp. I then straightened the wings and added the larger lift fans from Evil Mushroom. I've also shortened the cockpit, removed the wing mounted landing skits and replaced them with missile launchers. I added lascannons to the sides of the cockpit and I still need to put a battlecannon in the front.

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