Saturday, 17 April 2010

Update - 17/04/2010

I've just uploaded the latest version of Demiurg codex with the following changes:

  • Changed the Ion Blaster from Assault 1 to Assault 2.
  • Reduced the cost of basic Warrior and Thunderer units to 60pts, bringing them to the same cost as the Berserkers.
  • I've also reduced the cost of the Miners from 100pts to 80pts.
  • I've redone the Ironguard entry, swapping the plasma carbine and runic weapon  for an ion blaster and power weapon. I changed the storm fields to refractor fields. They can still be taken as as options.
  • Additional models for each unit can now be added individually rather than having to double the unit size.
  • I've resized and rearranged the summary page so that the unit and weapon tables are side-by-side instead of being squashed one under the other. I also remembered to add the Kroot Hunting Rifle to the summary.
  • Changed the Kroot Hunting Rifle in the Kroot Headhunter Kindred to a normal Kroot Rifle.
Other than making changes to the codex I have started painting my infantry models. The first of the new images, the Hearthguard, is now in the Demiurg and Grymn project sections with more to come as I paint them. 

I have also been working on a campaign and will put up a link to it once it is closer to being finished. The campaign is like the big summer campaigns that GW do every year. Every game played will affect their faction's standing. As well as factions for each individual force (space marines, necrons, etc) there are also factions for the Imperium, Forces Of Chaos and the Eastern Alliance. Every game will not only affect the standing of the individual factions but the alliance they belong to (if any) and and that of Order and Disorder. games between 'aligned' factions will actually damage their standing reflecting the damage caused by infighting. This should hopefully encourage players to use those armies they've collected but rarely use. I also hope that it would encourage them to play more characterful games; The loyal space marine chapters fighting their traitorous counterparts for instance, rather than boring old marine-on-marine games.

Below is the link to the download page for the codex. Please rate my download and post any comments there, here or in the Codex: Demiurg Warhost thread on the Forum of Doom.

Codex: Demiurg Warhost download -

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