Friday, 18 June 2010

Update - 18/06/2010

Time for another update on changes I've made to Codex: Demiurg Warhost.
  • Changed Ion Blaster back to Assault 1 but gave it the Rending ability
  • Changed Ironguard standard equipment and options as follows:
    • Plasma Carbine -> Ion Blaster
    • Runic Weapon -> Power Weapon
    • Optional ranged weapons: Plasma Carbine, Meltagun, Assault Cannon (also replaces power weapon)
    • Optional CC weapons: Thunder Hammer, Assault Drill, Runic Weapon
    • Other options: Repulsor Shield, Battle Standard
  • Repulsor Shield added to Wargear
    • Ironguard only. If you wish to use the shields every model in the unit must be equipped with them
    • Replaces ranged weapon
    • The unit may choose to activate the shields during CC once all attacks, of both sides, have been resolved. When activated all enemy models in units engaged with the Ironguard are pushed 1" away. This immediately ends the CC. Note that as the CC is ended before combat resolution neither side has won, meaning that no consolidation moves or morale tests are taken.
  • I have redone the Trade & Treaties section to be more in-character. I have moved the background history that I've put in the Imperial section of Trade & Treaties into Age of Betrayal on page 10. This makes the Trade & Treaties section focus more on the current relations with each faction rather than history. It has also enabled me to put in more faction specific details such as the Tyranids and Followers of Chaos. I still need to redo the Others part. I want to use it to mention a selection of forgotten/minor races.
  • I have rearranged the Wargear section so that all the Kroot Wargear is grouped together on one page rather than spread through the main Demiurg Wargear. I am also planning on moving the Armour section onto a page of its own so that I can have more space to put in CC weapons (I want to put in a special glaive for the Ironguard at some point, once I figure out what it'll do)
  • I have also moved other bits around so that I can expand The Demiurg Race section. I now have more space to go into aspects of the Demiurg social structure in more detail as well as expanding the sections on the Guilds, Ancestors and the Demiurg's relations with the Tau Empire.

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