Friday, 20 August 2010

The Books of Chaos

Okay, here I go again with another games design project.

I've decided to redo the Books of Chaos. The Books of Chaos was the section at the back of the last Chaos Space Marines codex to give special rules for using the specific Traitor Legions.

These have been sorely missed by Chaos fans and I thought it was about time they were updated to be used with the current codex. To begin with I will be simply updating what was in the original Books of Chaos sections for the current edition. I will also be adding in rules for Cultists and Mutant units that the Legions can use as well as rules for taking units from the Chaos Daemons and Imperial Guard codices.

Each Legion's section will have specifics for their Cultists. For example Night Lords Cultists will be so filled with fear by their masters they feel no fear from the enemy and are driven forward by their fear to tear wildly into their foes. This would mean that Chaos Cult units in a Night Lords army gain the Fearless and Furious Charge Universal Special Rules. Iron Warriors Cultists are the only ones that may be equipped with melta-bombs. The Iron Warriors would strap the charges to them and send them charging against enemy fortifications. For every melta-bomb used one cultist is removed as a casualty.

I have done the Chaos Undivided Legions so far and will be starting the other Legions shortly.

You can download the Books of Chaos file here - The Books of Chaos

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