Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Gideon Prime - [elg] Apocalypse - 30/10/2010

The final Battle for Gideon Prime.

The Battlefield Is Set

This is the largest Apocalypse table I've played on to date.

Set-Up - White Scars host prepares to engage the Traitor Guard

Set-Up - Space Wolves armoured contingent deploys to bring their massive firepower to bear. Angron overlooks the battlefield.

The Loyalist Space Marines cower away from the World Eaters

The World Eaters' Slaughterfiends prepare to surge forward suppoted by their Primarch, The Blood Prince Angron

The World Eaters' Dark Eldar allies move to engage the White Scars

A Brass Scorpion of Khorne supports the Imperial Guard on the right flank

The Forlorn Hope, a lone White Scars combat squad, launch the first action of the battle. Suicidally dropping in behind the Khorne Warhound and the Daemon Primarch Angon of the World Eaters. In respect of their bravery Angron gave orders the World Eaters were not to engage the unit.

The Brass Scorpion rushes towards a large troop of White Scars bikers, firing wildly with it's scorpion cannon.

The remaining bikers hold their ground before the Brass Scorpion's assault.

A Razorback of the White Scars takes aim at the Dark Eldar Revenant.

Angron launches a devastating assault against the Tyranid's Carnifex vanguard, causing hideous wounds before turning to face his nemesis; Marneus Calgar, Lord of Macragge.

After a close fought assault Angron defeats the Carnifexes and Calgar's Honour Guard and moves off to engage the Tyranid synapse creatures cowering at the rear, dropping a Vortex Grenade mid-flight. (the blast marker with a 'V' on it)

The Forlorne Hope finally receive reinforcements; a full 20 terminators and three multi-melta armed Land Speeders. Unfortunately for them the Terminators are almost entirely wiped out as they arrive by concentrated fire from both the Warhound Titan and the Space Wolves' super heavy tank.

More reinforcements arrive in the forms of Blood Angels. A Storm Raven and Terminators engage the Revenant while the rest move to engage the Warhound.

The Space Wolves tanks continue to trade fire with the Loyalist's Shadowsword.

The wounded Marneus Calgars proves his bravery by engaging and destroying a Slaughterfiend in close combat.

The Blood Angels assault manages to breach the Khorne Warhound's highly unstable reactor. The resulting explosion engulfs the titan and all those near it in a blinding ball of superheated plasma.

The power of Khorne manifests itself in the resurrected Warhound Titan.

The Tyranids launch a surprise assault on the rear of the Traitor Guard, almost wiping them out before they could react. the resurrected Warhound turned it's weapons on the new threat and reduces almost all to ashes in a single volley.

Angron accurately reading the enemy's battle plan moved into position as the Space Marines' Vanguard Veterans dropped to the battlefield. With a single sweep of his mighty chainaxe Angron renders the Space Marines' elite warriors to tatters.

With the centre entirely under his allies control Angron moves to finish off the last remaining Tyranid Warrior.

Angron casually dispatches the lone Tyranid Warrior.

On the near left flank a combined force of Space Wolves and Grey Knights move forward, finishing off the last resistance and capturing their objective.

On the far left flank a last bitter assault between the Space Wolves and Tyranids may well decide the outcome of the battle.

On the near left flank the White Scars valiantly held their ground under fire from a World Eater Hell Blade (fresh from sniping a Vindicare assassin) and Traitor Guard Leman Russ tanks.

The Warhound Titan holds the Tyranit's Super Screamer, denying the enemy a vital objective.

As the battle comes to a close Angron leaps to the aid of the Space Wolves support line.

With the far left flank still under threat the Space Wolves in the centre move to support their brothers.

The battle for Gideon Prime comes to a close With the combined force of World Eaters, Space Wolves and Traitor Guard emerging victorious.

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