Sunday, 5 December 2010

Codex: Demiurg Warhost - The Core

The Core
The core of the galaxy hosts a black hole millions of times more dense than Sol. Ringing the black hole is an accretion disk of matter heated to immeasurably high temperatures by the forces exerted by the black hole. The matter of the disk is slowly drawn from a ring of ancient stars born in the early ages of the galaxy’s youth. The red-hued stars of this inner ring are numbered in the thousands. An outer ring of colossal stars brought into existence in the recent past, but still long before any of the races currently inhabiting the galaxy.

The planets of the Core are many and varied; from gas giants to molten metallic spheres. Amongst the planets of the Core are numerous mineral-rich desert worlds. The gravity of these worlds is great; usually two or three times that of Terra and sometimes more. These huge worlds are rich in minerals but in all other respects barren and lifeless. Those that orbit the ancient stars are shadowy, sombre places while those that orbit the young stars have surface temperatures so high of the light side that the rocky surface melts into a hemisphere spanning sea of lava. All of the worlds of the core are inimical to plant life so impossible to terraform. Barren, cheerless and inhospitable, it is hard to imagine anywhere less likely to nurture human existence.

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