Thursday, 22 September 2011

Commander of the Britannic Atlantic Fleet

First Sea Lord, Admiral of the Fleet, Sir Dudley Pound
Commander of the Britannic Atlantic Fleet

Personal Flagship - Majesty Class Dreadnought - HMS Dreadnought

As the world political situation crumbled and broke out into all-out war, Sir Dudley Pound returned from retirement to take command of the Britannic Atlantic Fleet. Sir Pound is known as a belligerent and stubborn commander; he believes he knows better than anyone how to wage war at sea, and he may well be correct. His unwavering confidence and brisk nature have made his strategies seemingly invulnerable to the bureaucracy and scheming of the politicians that so often hinders other commander’s efforts.

Sir Dudley is well liked by those who serve him for his clear and orders and thorough tactical knowledge, as well as for his long and honourable naval career. His peers, however, are less favourable in their opinions; he suffers from painful hip degeneration, making sleeping difficult, and this often causes him to drift off to sleep during meetings. The pain and sleeplessness caused by his poor health leads to him often being short tempered.

He was once awoken during the night when his ship came under attack by a Prussian fleet. So angry was he at being woken from a rare peaceful sleep that he was not simply content with forcing the attackers to disengage, but continued to chase the fleeing vessels until every last one was sent below the waves as shell-ridden husks.

Unknown even to his superiors, though they are few, Sir Dudley Pound is inflicted with an aggressive brain tumour that will one day cripple then kill him. Only his personal physician knows of his condition and will not reveal it until his Admiral retires or is killed in action.

Until the day comes when the tumour takes his ability from him, Sir Dudley pound will put every effort into defeating the enemies of Britannia. His death will be a terrible loss to this great nation.

Sir Dudley Pound is so renowned for his withering bombardments that the word ‘pound’ (and its derivatives) entered common usage as a verb; cognate with strike, beat, pummel, etc. The word came into usage due to sailors’ habit of using the phrase ‘taking a pounding’ in regards to receiving a heavy bombardment.

Fleet Roster - Atlantic Fleet

Ruler Class Battleship - HMS Warpsite (Fleet Flagship)

Taylor Squadron
Tribal Class Cruiser - HMS Invincible
Tribal Class Cruiser - HMS Indefatigable
Tribal Class Cruiser - HMS Lion

Wellington Squadron
Attacker Class Frigate - HMS Duke of Edinburgh
Attacker Class Frigate - HMS Minotaur
Attacker Class Frigate - HMS Warrior

Sharp Squadron
Attacker Class Frigate - HMS Devonshire
Attacker Class Frigate - HMS Black Prince
Attacker Class Frigate - HMS Defence

Hornblower Squadron
Attacker Class Frigate - HMS Cochrane
Attacker Class Frigate - HMS Achilles
Attacker Class Frigate - HMS Natal

Associated Vessels
Ruler Class Battleship - HMS Colossus
Ruler Class Battleship - HMS Iron Duke
Ruler Class Battleship - HMS King George
Ruler Class Battleship - HMS Prince of Wales

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