Friday, 21 October 2011

Building a German Rifle Platoon for Focused Firepower

I've posted a picture of the back-cover of the Classic German Infantry Box from Valiant Minatures, along with a key to help people organise their troops into platoon-strength force along the same lines as I did. This guide will tell you how to create a basic German Rifle Platoon using the 1943 organisation.

Box Contents:
A - Officer.
B - Corporal.
C - SMG trooper.
D - Rifleman.
E - Rifleman.
F - LMG Carrier.
G - Radio Operator. Can also be used as a Medic with a simple head swap.
H - NCO/Sergeant.
I - Kneeling Trooper.
J - Ammo Bearer.
K - The Convertable troopers. These can be used to create standard Riflemen or upgraded to carry special weapons.
L - Mortar.
Command Section Requires:
A x 1 - Officer
D/E/K x 2  -Runners (Riflemen)
D/E/K x 2 - Drivers (Riflemen)
2 x LMG Teams (See Below)
Rifle Section Requires (Platoon has 3 Rifle Sections):
H x 1 - Sergeant
D/E/K x 5 - Riflemen
1 x Machine Gun Support Section (See Below)
LMG Team Requires:
F+J x 1 - LMG Carrier and Ammo Bearer mounted on a single base.
Machine Gun Support Section Requires:
B x 1 - Corporal
1 x LMG Team

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