Sunday, 8 July 2012

Focused Firepower & Games Hub Edinburgh

Edinburgh will soon be getting a brand new gaming centre in the form of Games Hub Edinburgh. The Hub will be a gaming cafe with food and drink available to gamers. 6s2Hit will also have its first 'bricks and mortar' shop within the Hub.

Games Hub Edinburgh will be having a preview open day on 3rd August and its grand opening on 31st August. On both days, once I finish work at 6pm, I will be heading straight there to offer intro games of Focused Firepower.

With this goal in mind I have been spurred into a a burst of editing on the core rulebook. I have completely re-arranged the order the sections are in to bring the more important rules sections forward so that they are before all of the additional rules.

I have also done a lot more work on the wording of rules and making sure the right rules are in the right place, such as moving the rules for tank shock from the vehicle special rules section to the special orders section of vehicle movement.

I've also improved the look of the section headers, by replacing the solid grey boxes with brass plates.

Games Hub Edinburgh has a Facebook page, as does 6s2Hit.

Games Hub Edinburgh -
6s2Hit -

The 6s2Hit forum website and online shop can be found here -

If you would like to know more about Focused Firepower you can visit the official website here -

The full rules are completely free to download through the website.

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