Thursday, 27 December 2012

Focused Firepower Official Website

Well the Focused Firepower website has been up and running for a while now, so I thought it was about time that I gave an overview of the game and what you can find on the website.

Focused Firepower is a tabletop miniatures wargame set during World War II. The system focuses on accurately recreating a realistic environment based on real world data, so that players can get a feel for how real battles were fought during the war. Of course this can only be taken so far in a tabletop game before gameplay is compomised, but I believe that the system has achieved a good balance. It is common for game systems to dedicate themselves purely to gameplay rather than attempting to simulate real warfare, the most popular systems follow such a pattern.

The game uses a 1:1 mechanic to maximise realism, meaning that what you have on the table represents the exact forces that would be present in reality. One man on the table represents one man on the battlefield, while in other systems one man could represent a whole section. Many systems mount a whole section on one single base, and such bases represent formations rather than individual units.

In Focused Firepower each soldier is mounted on their own base, with the exception being weapon crews such as a machine gun's gunner and loader, who are mounted together. The 'skirmish' style helps us in our endeavour to produce a more accurate and dynamic environment.

Focused Firepower is available to download completely free from the official website.

Of the website you will find the core rules, as well as the rules for the individual forces that have been covered so far. The information of the weapons covered is also included on the same page as the core rules.

The basic infantry companies for British, German, US and Soviet forces are available and are based on the official organisation of these forces, as will all future forces as they become available. The British Motor Company is the first additional force to be made available with its counterpart, the German Armoured Panzergrenadiers (SS) in the works.

We also aim to add new forces, such as the Italians, Hungarians and Finnish in the future. In addition we will eventually be including rules for battalion level support elements.

Alongside the main forces are rules for tanks and support vehicles.

There are many projects in the works for Focused Firepower, new factions, more comprehensive vehicle documents, more weapons and more of everything else.

Top priority at the moment is the Armoured Panzergrenadier (SS) OrBat. Also, I will soon begin construction of a 2 foot square diorama that will be used for photographs to be featured within the rulebook.

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