Thursday, 7 March 2013

Focused Firepower Update

The lates update of the Focused Firepower rulebook has now been uploaded.
The IDF section has been overhauled. In particular, the way IDF Orders are given and received have been cleared up.
  • Clearly states that IDF Orders are resolved in the Movement Phase.
  • Clearly states that orders passed through a runner or radio can be given and received in the same phase.
  • Clearly states that IDF orders can be given to a weapon crew within the officer's own unit.
  • Officers may now directly order an IDF element close to them, should that unit not have line of sight.
  • When the orders are given, a marker is placed to indicate the target point, rather than chosing an element to fire upon.
  • IDF elements that have line of sight to the target may now 'adjust to target', reducing the scatter distance in subsequent turns.

In addition, a rule for automatic hits has been added to the AT fire section. The conditions are strict, but it means that you are unlikely to miss the target if your barrel is right against the enemy.

The ORBAT for the German Armoured Panzergrenadiers is also in progress and should be available soon. Vehicle data cards are also in progress. The British vehicle cards are available through the 6s2Hit forum, and the German ones will also be available there once they have been made.

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