Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Codex: Demiurg Warhost 6th Edition Update 18/09/2013

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Okay. So this update turned into a bit more than I'd planned. I'd intended to just redo the army list entries to bring it into the style of the 6th edition codices, but went a bit further as detailed below.

I've massively overhauled the Battle Robots. Now they each have their own entries, with the Conqueror moved to the Heavy Support section while the others remain in Elites. I have altered their base weapon configurations and greatly expanded their options.

I have overhauled the Hearthguard. Their options are much more varied now so that they can be tailored to the commander's needs as desired, and this better reflects their Royal status allowing them free reign in the armoury. As before, the Hearthguard can be split from the Hearthguard unit to lead other units. I have now clarified that they are Characters (as indicated in their unit type), and so can issue/accept challenges and benefit from Look Out Sir rolls. When kept in the Hearthguard unit rather than splitting off, this means that any member of the unit can issue a challenge or accept an enemy's challenge.

The Ironguard have been tweaked slightly. I've added the Sentinel Spear's profiles to their bestiary entry.

The Guild Engineer's special rules and options have been changed slightly.

I've renamed the 'Ancient History' section to 'The Founding and the First Ages' to fit in better with the titles of the sections that follow it.

The Thunderer Kindred's weapon options have been altered.

The weapon profiles for the following weapons have changed.
Ion Carbine - Range increased to 24"
Heavy Ion Blaster - Range dropped to 24", AP improved to 4, number of shots dropped to 1
Ion Pulse Cannon - AP improved to 2, Shots increases to 2, Removed Armourbane, Removed from Thunderer's options
Atomic Destroyer - Range increased to 72", Armourbane changed to Ordinance

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