Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Demiurg Warriors - 5th(?) Design

Ok. So I've started sculpting another design for my space dwarves. This is the 4th or 5th version now.

This first image shows 4/5 of my designs. I had wanted to make space dwarves who were short and muscular, rather than the usual fat and beardy variety. The kilted one was first, which was shortly followed by another kilted version, but a bit taller. I wanted to have hem be shorter than humans, but not tiny, so I thought having them shoulder height to a guardsman would do.

The one of the left followed after I decided I couldn't get the kilts to look right. This one was made the same height as the second kilted version, but with legs instead. My next version (which I still quite like) has a more sleek, heavily armoured and advanced tech look to it. This is the one shown in the images above.

On the right is my new version. With this one I decided to go for the more classic dwarf stature.

Doing the main body shape, and working on the position of the armour's neck.

View from the side so you can see the stance, and more importantly the gut.

Added a couple of pipes running from the chest.

I then tidied up the neck, and added a block to the chest.

...and a block to the back, as well as filling in the muscles on the legs.

The latest update was simply filling out the chest panel. Since taking this photo I have tidied it up to have sharper edges.

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