Saturday, 7 June 2014

Meng Models A39 Tortoise

This is the Meng Models A39 Tortoise super heavy assault tank. The quality of this kit, to me at least, was much better than the resin kit from Accurate Armour. The kit is modelled after the prototype vehicle at Bovington, so does not have the ammo hatch on the left side of the hull that was added for the production vehicles.

The suspension was the only fiddly part of the build. Once that was done, the build went rather quickly (a good thing knowing how slowly I build models). There are a lot of movable parts on this kit and the hull is textured to match the casting texture on the real vehicle.

The main gun can freely move on its ball joint. The top of the gun brace can be opened in the same way as on the real vehicle; swing the restraining peg out and the latch can open so that you can fold it down. The integral machine gun in the left side of the hull can also move. The tow hooks are movable, and the pins can also be left so that they can be removed as well, but I glued them into place so that I wouldn't lose them. The machine gun turret can turn and the hatch on it can be opened. The commander's cupola can be rotated and the hatch opened. All of the periscopes can be turned as well.

I have painted this first vehicle in the deep bronze green that appeared towards the end of the war, most commonly seen on the Comet. I plan to eventually build a few more tanks in what-if colour schemes; one more temperate pattern and two desert patterns.

You may notice I forgot to put a wash on one of the tracks. :P

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