Saturday, 28 March 2015

The Grundi - On Sale Now!

Well here they are at last; my first set of figures. Let me introduce the Grundi, who are my imagining of space dwarves.

These guys stand at shoulder height to standard 28mm 'heroic scale' humans.
The figures are multi-part with the bodies, heads (2 options) and arms (2 options) available separately through Zealot Miniatures.

The set of bodies all have the same basic pose with different detail on the upper body. The angle of the photos above make the legs look shorter, but you can see them better in the image below. There are 5 variations in this first set. A second set will be added in the future (sometime) with different poses. This set also includes a cloak which fits perfectly to these bodies (you can even see the shape of the rear loincloth imprinted in it). With one cape in each set of 5, 5 sets would give you 25 figures, you could have a unit of 5 with the cape; a great way of picking out a unit of Hearthguard.

There are two options for the heads; ones with short beards, or beardless baldies. I will be making variants of the heads in the future, such as helmeted or with additional features such as bionics. I will also be making a set of heads with the classic Dwarfish big bushy beards. These would require the front of the collar to be cut away. The neck sockets on the bodies are the same size as standard 28mm human heads so you can fit whatever heads you like. Likewise, these heads can be used with 28mm humans.

There are currently two different arm option available there is a more openly posed set that are ideal for close combat weapons and more dynamic poses, and s more closely posed set better suited to ranged weapons. All of the arms have empty fists and a flat plate on the forearm that make it easy to attach weapons, shields and equipment of your choice. In some people's view, these arms look too big/long for the figures, but shorter arms would not be able to meet across the chest.

 So what's next? 

I plan to do some smaller/shorter arms for those who would like them to be smaller. I am also working on a heavy trooper that would be ideal for carrying heavy weapons. The body of the heavy trooper is similar to above, with additional armour plates. I am working on some arm options so that you can have the option of old school shoulder-mounted heavy weapons, or having the weapons held two-handed.  I am also working on a suit of exo armour for the Grundi, which will be much larger than the basic troopers.

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