Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Grundi Ion Carbine - Sketch and Initial 3D Mock-Up

Here's the initial 3d mock-ups for my basic weapons, along with my sketch. The caster I use has their own 3d modeller, so I'm getting them to work from my design. The master will be printed, cleaned up and cast properly. This is the basic Ion Carbine for my Grundi figures. This in the first mock-up, and there is plenty to work on from here. I'll post updates as it progresses.

I gave the 3d modeller a couple of notes to work on, and will post pics when he shows me the result. The side panels should be the same width as the body, with thin recessed lines, rather than the whole panel being recessed. Also, the barrel should me the same shape as the muzzle, rather than just being round. I'll also get him to do a variant where the end of the barrel is just recessed into the muzzle, rather than having the lip, so that I can see what I prefer.

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