Sunday, 22 November 2009

Codex: Demiurg Warhost - Bikes - 22/11/2009

One of the hardest problems I had to deal with was the bikes. They were a great contributing factor in the Squats being removed. They dirty, hairy bikers just didn't fit into the dark Gothic style of 40K, and they are all anyone seemed to take. I took the decision to keep them in the list but make them more in character with the rest of the force while retaining as much of their BG as possible.

I endeavoured to do this in several ways. Firstly I kept their numbers low, 3-5 for bikes and 1-3 for trikes, in separate units. This would stop the silly massed biker forces seen before from being used in non-apocalypse games.

Secondly I considered their equipment. Each bikes comes equipped with a twin-linked version of the standard infantry weapon, the Ion Carbine. In addition to this each bike may be upgraded to carry a special weapon. Trikes still carry a single heavy weapon but I have removed the second crew member. Having access to special weapons will encourage players to keep their bikes out of close combat.

Thirdly I took a look at special rules. I gave both the bikes and trikes Hit & Run so that they can attempt to escape combat should they become engaged. I also gave the bikes Scout, helping to define their role within the force.

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