Monday, 21 June 2010

Focused Firepower - Battle of Crete

A while ago the Focused Firepower developers played a game for the Battle of Crete.

I had the pleasure of fielding my Brits at their best, on high ground, heavily dug in and not losing any men by the end of the game. By the time the German forces reached my position I'd completely dug in, with a staggered deployment on different elevations so that every section could fire to full effect. For the first couple of turns I was fairly ignored (except from a damned Stuka) due to my ally running his force around in the open offering easy targets and Alan's force dropping in off table and taking an age to turn up.

When Alan's force finally arrived they appeared right next to my dug in Brits, at the bottom of the hill. He then proceeded to charge up the hill, about all he could do. I wiped his men out to the very last without taking casualties. This really illustrates how accurately Focused Firepower recreated real-life battlefield conditions.

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