Monday, 26 July 2010

Codex: Demiurg Warhost - 25/07/2010

Quite a big change this update. Below is a list of the changes I have made.

  • The Spotter rule has been updated to state that a single model in a unit with the rule is designated as the Spotter. The spotter rule now has the effect that support weapon batteries firing barrage weapons always reduce the scatter distance by their ballistic skill. Previously the rule allowed the artillery dice to be re-rolled instead but I have found this fits better.
  • The Tunneler rule has been rewritten to clarify how it works differently for infantry and vehicles.
  • I have updated the Domination spirit power that is unique to Ancestor Lord Ruairi Redmane. I have defined what may be targeted by the power as a single-model enemy unit, excluding vehicles and monstrous creatures. I thought that the power would be too much if it could be used to take control of such powerful units as dreadnoughts and carnifexes.
  • Several models leadership values have been lowered. The Guild Engineer has been reduced to Ld 9 while the Guild Master has remained at Ld 10. The leadership of warriors is now only 8 but the elder that leads them is still 9. I have also dropped the leadership of Guildsmen to 8 but have added an Engineer as their unit leader with Ld 9.
  • The spotter special rule has been removed from Warrior Kindreds
  • The Guild Trike Section has been removed. Instead up to 2 guildsmen in the Guild Bike Section may exchange their Guild Bike for a Guild Trike armed with a Heavy Stubber. The Heavy Stubber may be upgraded to either a Multi-melta or Plasma Cannon as before.
  • I have added a Scout Buggy unit to the Fast Attack section.
  • I have also added a Spotter Team option to the Heavy Support section. These spotter teams, consisting of an Elder and 2 Warriors, do not take up slots on the force organisation chart but you may only take up to one for each Support Weapon Battery in the army.
  • The front armour on the Wyvern has been reduced to 13 and its hull mounted Heavy Stubber has been removed. The Twin-linked Heavy Stubber mounted on a small turret has been made into a single Heavy Stubber.
  • The Berserker (original Squat name) Kindreds have been renamed Enforcer Kindreds to reflect their role as law enforces on the Demiurg ships.
  • The Miner Kindreds have been renamed Sapper Kindreds to better reflect their military role.
  • I have changed the Ion Carbine back to being Rapid Fire with the Demiurg being able to move and fire Rapid Fire weapons as if stationary. I prefer the escalating threat distance of Rapid Fire while still being able to fire 2 shots as close range and still charge if need be.
  • The Heavy Ion Blaster has been reduced from 3 shots to 2 but has gained the Rending rule like the smaller Ion blaster did in the last update. This makes them different from Heavy Bolters. I found that I was telling my opponent they were Heavy Bolters so they could understand what they did easier ruined the character of the Demiurg for me. The character of the army is my primary concern so this just wouldn't do.

You can download the updated codex here - Codex: Demiurg Warhost

I am currently feverishly painting up my infantry for a huge game of Apcalypse on the 31st. I will be on the defending side of a siege allied with Eldar and possibly Imperial Guard. I will be facing Space Wolves and Chaos. I'm not worried about the Space Wolves so much but I will be loaning my World Eaters army to one of my opponents. If you've had a look at the World Eaters section of this blog you'll know how terrifying a proposition that is. There's 16 units of Khorne Berserkers for starters.

Is the last post shows I have also started converting more vehicles for the game. The vehicle in the last post is a Wyvern Tank-destroyer converted from a 1/35 scale German Stug IV model.

I will be taking my camera along to the game so I should have pictures to show you next month. I am holding off taking pictures of my painted models until then so I can show them amongst the other 62,000 points of models.

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