Friday, 25 March 2011

Caryall - 25/03/2011

I have recently got a GI Joe Dragonhawk toy to use with my Demiurg army. I hadn't quite realised how big this thing was. After piecing it together and going over a few posibilities, including making it a massive gunship or a fully enclosed lander (similar to the Space Marine Stormbird), I decided to make the conversion very simple and use it as a carryall.

All I would need to do to the toy itself is some work on the cockpit as it is for a much larger scale. In addition I would need to making a cargo podfor it to carry, as well as a 'cradle/grabber[?]' that I could use with vehicles that wouldn't fit in the pod.

I have made up the basic shape of the pod but need to add detailing to it. Below are some pictures I have taken of it with the cargo pod.

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