Saturday, 5 March 2011

Colossus - 05/03/2011

Well it's been a while since I've posted anything new on the Colossus. I have quite short phases of inspiration so I flit from one project to another as ideas come into my head. I currently have about 50 projects on the go.

After quite some time on top of my shelves I have finally done some more work on the colossus. After re-organising my bits box, taking out all of the building and vehicle bits from the drawers and putting it all into a tool box, I found enough parts to do some of the detailing I had planned to do.

Over the last week I have added control pannels and an 'ammo lift' to the landing pad and I finally got round to drilling all of the recessed rivet holes, around 3500 of them. Here are some new pictures showing the colossus in it's current condition.

Front-Right Side

Back-Right Side

Main Gun & Air Defence Deck

Landing Pad and Missile Silos

Ammo Lift - Shells (Colossus re-arms friendly aircraft)

Control Pannels - General Maintenance (Left), Ammo Lift - Shells (Right, still need to build the lift)

Left-Rear Side - Coolant Vents


Access Doors - Crew (Right), Ammunition & Engineering (Below)

Loading Hatch for Doomsday Ammunition

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