Sunday, 26 June 2011

Demiurg: Battlefleet Gothic Space Station

Some more images of the space station components I am working on. I will be calling this a Demiurg Outpost.

As shown in the last post this is the basic layout for the Space Station. A central core with 'arms' extending out from it. There will be several upgrades that can be added to this layout or replace the weapon arms. Cores can be stacked on top of each other so that larger space stations can be created. As you will see I have now added the detailing to the core.

This is the Command Upgrade. This upgrade does not replace the weapon arms. Only one command upgrade can be taken, no matter how many cores are in the outpost. The command upgrade allows and friendly Demiurg ships within 45cm to use the Outpost's Leadership.

Torpedo Upgrade: The torpedo upgrade can be taken in addition to other upgrades and increases the Torpedo Silos' Strength by 4. This image, and the following images, show a core with both the torpedo and command upgrades.

 Lance Upgrade: Replacing the 'arms' the lance upgrade increases the Lance Battery Strength, but at the cost of reducing the strength of the weapon battery, torpedo silos and launch bays.

Launch Bay Upgrade: the launch bay upgrade also replaces the arms, reducing the weapon battery, lance battery and torpedo silo strength. The launch bay upgrade drastically increases the number of attack craft that can be launched.

I still need to make a standard panel for the top and bottom of the core.

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