Monday, 20 June 2011

Demiurg: Battlefleet Gothic

As I am sure many of yo will know the only official Demiurg models are the commerce vessels produced by Forge World for Battlefleet Gothic.

I have a good sized collection of these ships consisting of two Stronghold Class commerce vessels and six Bastion Class commerce vessels. I played my first game with them last Wednesday. While the current ships are powerful they are expensive, give up a lot of victory points and cannot be fielded in squadrons.

I decided to expand the fleet by creating escort vessels and below are the components I have made for them. I will be casting these up so that I can make more of them.

I really enjoyed making these so I decided to build a space station too. The space station will have a main centre hub with several 'arms' extending outward. I have made it so that the arms are the same component used for the main hull pieces on the escort ships. The space stations will be stackable so that towers can be created.


  1. Great stuff, I want to make some demiurg escorts as well out of the towers on the Stronghold wings and the shields on the bastions with added plasticard parts, but I don't have the skills or materials to cast the parts up :(.

    Good luck with your project!

  2. Thanks

    I tried to cast these parts up myself but I have found that there is too much surface detail mor me to cast them effectively.

    I will eventually get round to sending them off to get cast up professionally.

  3. You should be able to cast these ok in a split mold I would have thought (as I said I haven't got the materials or skills to do it myself but I believe that Forgeworld cast in split molds so it is doable).

    You just need to use a decent silicon and resin to get the detail out.

    This site has lots of tutorials I was thinking about trying.

    Either way, good luck, I really want to get my demiurg fleet going, just glueing the 2 strongholds together now :).

  4. Hey dude. I've not done anything with the Gothic ships in a long time. It's one of the things I've had to file away for the future.

    I'm currently looking for my first house, and the odd spare time I get goes onto the new arms for the Grundi and getting my Rhulic army built for Warmachine.

    Once I manage to find a house, i will be able to get a proper work space and will be able to get out and organise my older projects.

    1. Look forward to it :), good luck house hunting/

  5. Hey, would you sell your Demiurg fleet?