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First Contact

I have decided to expand the Demiurg background with their first contact with the Imperium. I still need to add this into Codex: Demiurg Warhost. The Imperium currently fills an entire page spread so I'll have some re-arranging to do to fit this in.

First Contact

The first contant the Demiurg had with the Imperium was early during the Great Crusade.

The Iron Warriors Legion were dispatched to the Galactic Core to search for isolated Human worlds and bring them to compliance.

The Space Marines were expecting to find isolated systems, most likely under the yolk of an alien race, as had been the case with the majority of worlds discovered so far in the Great Crusade.

What they were not expecting was a vast, strong and independent empire of once-human colonists. Although the millennia had made drastic alterations to the Demiurg the Iron Warriors immediately recognised them as human.

The Iron Warriors sent out communications stating their itentity and proclaiming their purpose to reunite the scattered remnants of humanity, to bring them into the Imperium under the rule of the Emperor of Mankind.

While the Demiurg were eagre to make contact with their long-lost kindred and their Birthworld the Demiurg would never relinquish their independence and refuled to accept compliance.

With this clear and un-negotiable refusal The Iron Warriors immediately set about bringing the Demiurg Homeworlds to compliance by force.

Thus far in the Crusade the Legiones Astartes had yet to come across any serious challenge to their military might. They were to find amongst the Brotherhoods of the Demiurg.

The campaign that followed quickly became one of the most bitter and brutal of the Crusade. The tough and resolute defenders fought the invaders with every ounce of courage that could be mustered.

The Iron Warriors found themselves on the losing side, in the labrynthine tunnels of the Homeworlds there was little cover to be had and their Mk.II Crusade Armour poor defence against the superior weaponry of the Demiurg.

This led to the development of Mk.III power armour, commonly known as Iron Armour, with increased protection on the front. This development evened the odds for the Space Marines but the relentless fighting continued, with heavy losses sustained on both sides.

Eventually the Iron warriors were forced to realise the futility of the campaign against the Demiurg and retreated to form a defensive cordon between Imperial and Demiurg space.

Following the retreat of teh Iron Warriors the Imperiam sent envoys to the Warlords in an attempt to negotiate their compliance, feeling that the Iron Warriors negotiations failed because of their warlike nature.

The envoys quickly realised thet they would also fail to bring the Homeworlds to compliance but learned much about the Demiurg. Most important of these facts was the vast mineral wealth the Demiurg posessed.

The Great Crusade required massive resources to sustain momentum. The Imperium had begun to struggle to supply the every expanding armies and newly compliant worlds so the unprecidented decision to acknowledge the Demiurg's independence.

The Imperium immediately began trading with the Demiurg Homeworlds. The vast resources and production capabilities of the Demiurg were now at the Imperium's disposal.

The relationship between the two empires flourished. New and ancient technologies flooded into the Imperium, who continued to expand through the galaxy.

When Horus turned traitor he attempted to bring the Demiurg over to his cause but failed.

The Demiurg hold no ideals higher than honour and loyalty, there is nothing more wretched in Demiurg society than an Oathbreaker, and to break the treaties made with the Imperium was unthinkable.

Over the millennia teh Demiurg have fought against the vile forces of Chaos and immediately recognised the Warp Spawned malevolence behind the traitors' actions.

It is without doubt that with the resources of the Demiurg on his side, Horus would have made his advance on Terra much sooner and the whole course of the Herely could have gone in his favor.

After the Heresy there was much to rebuild and teh Demiurg were once again called upon for aid. Not only did they supply the crippled Imperium but even sent out engineers across the galaxy to lend their expertise and knowledge where the much reduced Mechanicum were unabel to have a presence.

In addition to lending materials and engineers to the Imperium the Demiurg Empire sent out many young Warriors to fight alonside the soldiers of the Imperial Army, now reformed as the Imperial Guard.

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