Sunday, 13 November 2011

Building a US Rifle Platoon for Focused Firepower

Here we talk about how to build a US Platoon for Focused Firepower.

The best models we found for this were the Valiant Miniatures ‘American GIs 1942/44’ boxed set.
Below we have posted a picture of the back of the box, showing its contents and have suggested suitable model representations of the various troopers present within the platoon.

Many of the figures in the US box are convertable using different arm options. These Convertable Troopers can be used for medics, radio operators, etc.

Box Contents:
A - The Officer
B - Squad Junior NCO
C - Convertable Trooper
D - BAR Trooper
E - Rifleman
F - Gunner
G - Convertable Trooper
H - Convertable Trooper. Suitable for arming with the Bazooka as illustrated.
I - Rifleman
J - Rifleman
K - Convertable Trooper
L - Convertable Trooper
M - Rifleman
N - Rifleman
O - Thompson SMG Trooper

Command Section Requires: 
1 Officer
1 Plt. Sergeant with Rifle
1 Sergeant with Rifle and Grenade Launcher*
2 Riflemen
1 Rifleman with Field Radio

Rifle Section Requires (Platoon has 3 Rifle Sections): 
1 Sergeant with Carbine and Hand Grenades
1 Corporal with Carbine and Grenade Launcher*
2 Riflemen with Grenade Launchers*
7 Riflemen
1 BAR Trooper

*Converting the grenade launcher is tricky. Its basically a grenade stuck in the end of the rifle. Tezzer (our resident US-player) reprsented them by painting the tip of their gun barrels white.

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