Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Drake Battle Tank - 23/11/2011

I have started working on the final version of my Drake Battle Tank for the Demiurg. This final model is a fair bit smaller than the prototype that I made up.

The main hull of the Drake Battle Tank has similar dimensions as the Land Raider (including sponsons) and has an upper-hull that extends higher.

The Drake is armed with a twin-linked ion cannon as standard but can be upgraded to a twin-linked Rapier Laser Destroyer (as shown). The Drake also has four defensive weapons, two on each side of the upper hull, that are fired by an Automated Targeting System. The Automated targeting System can pick separate targets with the defensive weapons but has a lower BS than the main weapon. I still need to make the mountings for the defensive weapons.

Here are some photos showing my progress.

And here's a few pictures to show the older versions that led to this final one.

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