Thursday, 15 March 2012

Scourge of Sobekk Campaign - Intro

--The Pioneer, Demiurg Bastion Class Commerce Vessel--

Continuing asteroid mining operations in the Cithia sub-sector.

Trade Investment:
Demiurg of Fleet Fellmire's mercantile sector negotiated a lucrative deal with the Imperial Governor overseeing the system. In exchange for allowing the Demiurg to mine the outlying asteroid field the Demiurg would share some of the gathered materials and trade Demiurg technologies.

The Pioneer's merchants reported several minor outbreaks of rebel hostilities against Imperial control, not an uncommon occurrence in systems as remote as Cithia, but prudently warned the Pioneer to be ready to depart as an Imperial fleet had been dispatched to deal with the violence.

When the first vessel appeared in-system the commerce ship began withdrawing its automated mining probes from the asteroid field and powered up the warp translation core, intending to vacate one month while the Imperial forces quelled the rebellion. Upon their return the Demiurg would be able to negotiate better trade deals with the battered leaders, who would be eager for aid in recovering from the Imperium's blunt assault.

However, as more and more vessels appeared, and registering signatures consistent with several faction's vessels, the Pioneer decided to remain to gather further information. Powering down the core, and reducing active systems to minimum to avoid detection the ship stayed within the sensor-distorting asteroid field.

The reason for so many different factions to arrive in this small and relatively unimportant system was a complete mystery. The Demiurg were registering ships belonging to Imperial, chaos, eldar (both craftworld and renegade), the Oathbreakers and the new allies, amongst others.

Seeing not only their close allies, the Tau and Kroot, but also the most hated ancient foes, the Orks and Chaos, the Demiurg reveled their presence to their allies and swore to honour their bonds of brotherhood.

The Pioneer, while a powerful force in itself, contained only a single Brotherhood of Clansmen, so called to the Fleet to muster for war. Upon receiving confirmation the Pioneer activated the warp translation core and vanished in a blinding flash of green light.

Two days later, the Proteus class battleship Oathbound Spirit arrived. Dropping into the system amidst the chaos fleet the battleship opened fire with devastating effect, destroying several enemy vessels in a matter of moments. Clearing and opening in the blockade, allowing bulk-landers immediately began making planetfall on Eidophin.

With the brave warriors of Fleet Fellmire deployed the Oathbound Spirit turned its lumbering hulk away from the planet and cut their way out through the very heart of the enemy.The devastating battleship disappeared just as the Pioneer had done, leaving the warriors on the planet. The Demiurg's brave warriors only choice now was victory, or else die with honour and join their brethren in the Feast Halls of the Ancestors.

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