Thursday, 15 March 2012

Scourge of Sobekk Campaign - Week 2

After making planetfall the Demiurg vanguard moved to sieze control of a seemingly deserted town. Taking up defensive positions thoughout the ruined buildings the warriors of Fleet Fellmire prepared to defend their position so that the main host could could arrive and expand the area into a strong defensinve position.

While investigating the ruins the Demiurg Enforcers made a worring realisation, there were no bodies. For such a devistated town there should have been the corpses of soldiers and civillians who died during it's destruction. Even if thedead had been cleared by survivors, some would have been missed.

No sooner had the Enforcers relayed their concern to the vanguard's leader, the venerable Ancestor Lord Somarle, than a warp gate opened right in the middle of the defenders position. In a swift and brutal assault the traitorous fae-kin slaughtered many brave warriors and forced the survivors to abandon the town and retreat into the surrounding hills.

The Demiurg did not give their lives cheaply. Ancestor Lord Somarle led a brave counter-offensive against the Dark Eldar; if the Demiurg were going to die, they weren't going to go down without a fight.

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