Friday, 23 March 2012

Scourge of Sobekk Campaign - Week 3

After the defeat against the Dark Eldar the Demiurg vanguard retreated into the western hills of Rambut. In the wasteland of the western desert the Demiurg made their beach-head, digging into the hills, setting up their formidable artillery.

With their position secure the warriors began scouting the surrounding area. At this time a party of White Scars Space Marines was spotted. The Demiurg had not had any contact with their allies since making planetfall so signalled to the Space Marines.

It was not until the White Scars closed on their position that the Demiurg realised their error, the Space Marines were traitorous renegades. Luckily the enemy were expecting to make a surprise attack,but they had not counted on the efficiency of their opponents, something their brothers in the Iron Warriors Legion know all too well.

Before they could reach the Demiurg Warriors hastily erected defences, the artillery crews had already prepared their guns. The scouts, hidden in nearby ruins, relayed accurate firing solution to the gun commanders, enabling them to fire off a full salvo into the enemy before they could get into position. The enemy's jump troops went down in the first barrage.

As the battle continued both sides took heavy casualties, and the engagement turned into a meatgrinder. Unable to gain the advantage over the Demiurg's stubborn defence the renegades withdrew.

Although sustaining many casualties the Demiurg were able to secure and consolidate their position.

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