Saturday, 31 March 2012

Scourge of Sobekk Campaign - Week 4

The Warlord Ranald came to Somarle, head high in respect of the venerable Ancestor Lord. Somarle was more than a mighty warrior, he was the embodiment of the Clan's history. Ranald remembered tales of Somarle's heroic deeds stretching back over a thousand years. The Warlord and Ancestor Lord were of a shared bloodline, Somarle was his third-great-grandfather's brother, but even such bonds paled against the respect commanded by a Living Ancestor.

The venerable ancestor turned from his scrutiny of the battleground where his Warriors fought against the renegades. Ranald looked him straight in the eyes, to look away would be to admit shame in the battle's outcome, but there was no fooling the experienced gaze of his elder.

"Be not pained young one. Your Warriors fought bravely against formidable opponents and many not sit amongst their Ancestors. While you were not able to obliterate the enemy you secured our position and gave the Engineers time to make a start on our defences."

The Warlord gave a slight nod, accepting the Ancestor's wisdom without comment. "My scouts have reported the Humans have abandoned a prometium processing facility to the east of our position. I have ordered a detachment to secure the facility and it's resources. While we encountered enemy forces in the area we were able to drive them off and took prisoners for interrogation."

Somarle's eyes narrowed slightly, such events were easily within the Warlord's duties and not something to be brought to a Living Ancestor. "There is more to this, speak you mind child."

"My Lord, the prisoners, they are something I cannot deal with. I require your assistance."

"You said 'something'. What manner of creatures have you brought amongst us?. Give me your battle report."


The Demiurg were entrenching themselves amongst the Human defences surrounding the fuel refinery, preparing to advance into the facility itself, when scouts reported contact with enemy forces.

Thousand Sons.

The name echoed in the commander's mind. The Thousand Sons were once the most shining beacon of humanity's potential, until they were betrayed and cast out amongst the traitors who followed the Warmaster Horus into damnation. He let out a groan, he'd been hoping to have some time before engaging such a formidable enemy.

"Get those guns ready! Contact in five!" The commander began barking orders to those under his command as he headed to join his kinsmen, his Hearthguard. As the warriors of the Thousand Sons advanced the brave Demiurg Warriors dug in behind defensive structures and prepared themselves.

The hulking form of a defiler daemon engine was the first to come into sight, looming out of the smog, followed shortly by the outline of a dreadnought. The defiler caught sight of the Demiurg and surged forwards, bursting down the towards the left flank with a screech of unnatural exhilaration. As the enemy opened fire a towering daemon prince dropped from the sky upon leathery wings and let fly bolts of psychic energy.

The moment the enemy warriors came into range they were met by barrage after barrage of artillery fire. No matter how may of their number fell their steady advance continued. As the battle continued the defiler advanced and fired on the artillery guns, wreaking terrible damage and killing many brave warriors. The enemy made one fatal mistake. By focusing on the guns they had allowed the Demiurg to advance unharmed and were caught in a carefully arranged kill-zone. The Daemon Prince flew forwards in attempt to engage the threat posed by the warriors but barely made it to their lines before succumbing to the powerful lightning-blasts of the Demiurg weapons. The Demiurg warriors advanced on their enemies, methodically taking down each enemy unit before moving onto the next.

On the right flank one unit of Warriors charged from the safety of cover to engage the Thousand Sons at close quarters. Despite being outclassed by their opponents they managed to hold on long enough for their brothers to neutralise the rest of the enemy force and come to their aid.

With the enemy in tatters, those that could withdrew and those that remained were either killed or captured. Despite sustaining heavy losses, especially from amongst the artillery crews, the Demiurg secured the promethium facility and expanded the area controlled by the Warriors of Fleet Fellmire.


"My Lord, I believe that one of our warriors shows the potential to become a Living Ancestor like yourself. The prisoners that we were able to capture were not entirely human. Somehow, the daemon that had been bound to the defiler was held in this realm when it's prison was destroyed, and the other prisoners include the daemon prince, several mutated Chaos spawn, and Sorcerers of the Thousand Sons."

Somarle's interest was ignited at this revelation. "You are undoubtedly correct in your supposition, to an extent."

Ranald seemed puzzled, expecting the Living Ancestor to say more, but instead he began descending from his position to where the strange prisoners were being kept.

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