Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Blackhide Wrastler

I've now painted the Blackhide Wrastler for my Blindwater Congregation Hordes force. With this beast completed I have all of the models for the battle box equivalent.

The Blackhide Wrastler has a powerful bite and two respectable open fist attacks, but what really makes him special is that he can still engage and attack enemy models while knocked down. Combined with a special attack that knocks both the enemy model and the Wrastler down this ability can be devastating. Its animus also allows him to get back up for just one Fury.

I have also just ordered the models that I need to boost the force up to 15 and 25 points.

Adding in a Bull Snapper and Feralgeist gets me to 15 points. The Bull Snapper is a fast light beast with decent attacks. Its main advantage is it's animus, which increases the armour of the target beast by 2 and whenever the model is hit by an enemy attack they take damage in return. Casting this on the Ironback Spitter boosts it up to armour 20, and enemies attempting free-strikes against it take a lot of damage in return. The Feralgeist is a great model for annoying opponents. It only costs 1 point, but by itself can't really do anything. It really comes into play once beasts start dying. When a beast is boxed while close to the Feralgeist, it possesses the beast and allows you to use it.

I will then be adding a Croak Hunter and Swamp Horror to my force to bring me up to 25pts. The Croak Hunter is your usual hunter-type solo. With poisoned attacks that always inflict damage on living models. The Swamp Horror is a fantastic beast on it's own, with a bunch of Reach attacks of decent strength, but once again it's the animus that's the real selling point. The Swamp Horror allows another model to gain the Reach rule on their close combat attacks.

Now the pictures of the Blackhide Wrastler.

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